Do I need government funding to access services?

No, there are other options available depending on your eligibility. Please read through “Who is eligible for support?” and “What funding options are available?” below.


Who is eligible for support?

Aged Disability Injury Rehabilitation Services provides services to privately funded clients, medico-legal clients and government funded clients (Parent2Parent, NDIS and My Life and My Choices).


What funding options are available?

There are a few different funding options available for persons with a disability to access disability or therapy services. They are: private funding, medico-legal funding, Your Life Your Choice, NDIS, private health schemes, Parent2Parent and other Queensland Government funding.

Queensland Government Funding

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services provide various funding packages to individuals with a disability to confirm your eligibility, contact the department directly.


The NDIS will be progressively rolled out in Queensland from July 2016. To check your eligibility please utilise My Access Checker.(Hyperlink please to the following address: http://www.ndis.gov.au/ndis-access-checklist)

Your Life Your Choice

YLYC provides persons with a disability and their family greater control over the disability services that they receive. Contact YLYC directly to check your eligibility.

Private Health Funds

You may be able to use your private health funding to pay for some therapies such as occupational therapy. Check your level of cover with your private health fund directly.


How can I pay my fees?

Payment can be made via the following options:

In Person



Direct Bank Deposit (Refer to payment details listed on invoice)